On-Shoring Is the Future of the Domestic Manufacturing Industry

The Reshoring Institute – a California-based non-profit academic organization – has recently highlighted Maas Brothers Powder Coating as one of the premier companies leading the trend of reshoring manufacturing in America.

The rekindled drive toward onshore, domestic production has only accelerated over the past few years in response to the COVID-19 pandemic and pervasive disruptions to the international supply chain. 

Compared to overseas manufacturers, innovative American providers such as Maas Brothers are able to offer more reliable service, more responsive customer support, and ultimately a more sustainable long-term production solution.

Reshoring Institute Case Study: Maas Brothers Powder Coating

Projected Growth in Market Size of the Industrial Powder Coating Industry

As reported in the case study, 2016 saw the industrial powder coating market growing to 1.91 billion USD in North America. The market’s projected annual growth rate is 6.8%, thus predicting a market size of 3.6 billion USD by 2025.

Solving Your Supply Chain Issues with Domestic Powder Coating Solutions

How can American providers keep up with such substantial growth in demand for industrial metal finishing services? Primarily through the integration of faster, more capable automated production technology such as Maas Brothers’ conveyorized system. These technological advances empower domestic powder coaters to more efficiently accommodate commercial coating projects of all sizes and scopes using ecologically friendly processes with an eye toward long-term sustainability.

Optimized for Both Low- and High-Volume Industrial Powder Coating Runs

Maas Brothers is uniquely capable of accommodating small-volume and large-volume powder coating projects with the same cost-effective efficiency. This is largely due to the facility’s innovative automated conveyor system, which includes quick color change capabilities.

“People often assume automated powder coating efficiencies only work for long runs -- the same kind of parts, coated in the same color, all day long. For some customers that meant the only available option was batch. Then we added a quick color change booth with powder reclaim capability. It feels good to say... yes to customers!”

What Makes Maas Brothers’ Automated Powder Coating Services So Unique?

  1. Founded in 1998, Maas Brothers has engineered and refined their unique powder coating processes for well over two decades. Founded by brothers Kevin and Kraig Maas in Livermore, California where the shop remains. Customers are always invited to stop by, meet the owners, and take a full tour of the state-of-the-art facilities.

  2. Kevin and Kraig Maas embrace a hands-on approach to powder coating solutions. They strive for total responsiveness, remaining in direct contact with their customers throughout their projects. Collaborating closely with their diverse range of customers and their unique needs informs Maas Brothers’ equipment investments, which are constantly being refined and optimized to deliver higher quality, higher speed, and maximum consistency.

  3. The Maas Brothers facility utilizes a custom-engineered automated powder coating system. Built from the ground up to cost-effectively accommodate low- and high-volume parts runs of any color, the one-of-a-kind conveyorized system integrates a complete range of innovative features:
    • Two automated powder coating lines, two infrared IR ovens, integrated with an in-line priming system – a unique system that no other company in California currently has.

    • Quick color change booth enabling 10-minute color change-outs and efficient, cost-saving powder recapture.

    • High-performance functional powder coating services for EV batteries and commercial energy storage devices, including HiPot testing applications. Check out our page on Functional Coating Services to learn more.

    • Environmentally friendly, closed loop (no drain) 5-stage wash and pretreatment system. Includes non-rinse sealer capabilities so there is no wastewater run-off.

    • Maas Brothers’ state-of-the-art automated system is designed to handle a wide variety of metal part sizes and configurations – up to 12.5 ft in length, in any color and run size, from large scale production runs to prototype projects.

Quality American Metal Parts Coating as an Alternative to Offshoring

Maas Brothers brings together industry-leading experience, technology, and ingenuity to offer superior domestic metal finishing services. Our automated conveyor system and responsive collaboration with our customers sets us apart from virtually every offshore alternative. 

Strategically based in the San Francisco Bay area, we can offer American customers substantial savings on logistics costs along with significant reductions in lead times. More importantly, we deliver unparalleled quality, consistency and customer support along with every powder coating project we complete.

More about The Reshoring Institute

The Reshoring Institute specializes in conducting research and providing support to companies seeking to reshore their production needs back to the United States. Their expertise spans an array of industries and topics including case studies, cost comparison development, site selection, marketing and public relations.

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Reshoring Institute Case Study:
How Maas Brothers Powder Coating Helps Meet Your Reshoring Goals

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