Functional Coating Services for EV Batteries and More

Maas Brothers Powder Coating, located in the San Francisco Bay Area, offers metal coating services for EV batteries using its state-of-the-art automated powder coating system and functional powder coating expertise. This includes HiPot testing.

Functional Metal Coating Services for Batteries

EV batteries typically rely on functional powder coating solutions to address such critical fire protection needs as dispersing fire and providing flame retardant insulation, as well as other functional goals such as temperature management, corrosion protection, impact protection, and more.

Maas Brothers’ automated powder coating system is engineered to handle a wide range of part sizes and geometries. It includes multiple computer-controlled coating booths as well as in-line infrared (IR) pre-gelling ovens.

Typical industrial powder coaters use single-coat systems which can’t achieve the functional coatings that EV batteries require. This is due to the limited amount of sprayed powder that will electro-statically adhere to any given metal part prior to curing.

Maas Brothers does not have that limitation. Our advanced powder coating system allows us to deliver complete coating solutions for EV battery projects, including multiple-coat applications. All of this is achieved with a single pass saving both time and money.

Pre-Gelling Oven for In-line Two-Coat Process | Maas Brothers Powder Coating (Livermore, CA)

Maas Brothers Automated Powder Coating System Highlights

  • Fully Automated Powder Coating System for Parts Up to 12.5 Ft Long
  • Inline Two-Coat Options for Priming, Non-Standard Thickness Needs and More
  • In-Line Infrared (IR) Ovens for Pre-Gelling
  • Powder Recapture to Save Materials Cost
  • 10-Minute Quick Color Change Capability
  • 5-Stage Closed Loop Pre-Treatment / Wash System (No Drain)

What will your project require? Once we understand your project goals, we will determine which of the many options built into our system will need to be deployed to achieve your needs. 

High Function Metal Powder Coating Services: Thicker Coat Needs

On our automated line, we handle thicker powder coating needs that require two coats by deploying multiple powder coating booths in combination with our strategically placed IR oven technology.

We use our first IR oven to pre-gel the first coat of powder then move those half-cured parts to the next powder coating booth, where we can now successfully apply a second coat. Then the parts move along our line to the convection oven for final curing.

Our second IR oven helps us maximize throughput. Located at the mouth of our convection curing oven, it eliminates the risk of powder cross-contamination when differently-colored parts are placed near one another on the line. It’s often used in combination with our quick color change capabilities.

Regardless of the system options needed for your project, one thing remains the same: our automated line never stops. The result? We provide the coatings your battery project requires for optimal functional performance with a single pass on our system. That saves you time and money.

Looking for more reasons to work with Maas Brothers to coat on your next batteries project? Ask about our powder recapture and quick color change capabilities — or how we use our custom fixtures expertise to ensure your project parts are hung on our line for maximum cost-saving throughput.

Better yet, schedule a tour of our Livermore, California, powder coating facility and see for yourself!

Solving Your Unique Batteries Coating Needs

Whether you’re working on a battery prototype, have a short-run job, or are moving into large-scale production, Maas Brothers is here to help with your unique batteries coating needs. Expect us to start by taking the time to truly understand what you need and then test parts to determine the customized coating plan that will achieve those goals.

We approach our customer relationships with a strategic partnership mindset, focused on solving your coating challenges as you move through all stages of battery development. The earlier you approach us about your project —  even in the design stage — the better.

Please reach out and tell us more about you batteries project! Free quotes available.

We look forward to working with you!

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