Quality Batch Powder Coating Services for Industrial and Commercial Projects Since 1998

In addition to our state-of-the-art automated powder coating services, Maas Brothers has extensive industrial batch powder coating capabilities backed by decades of experience that ensure all your batch coating needs are completed as promised and on time.

Expanding Coating Options: Batch vs Automated Powder Coating Services

It’s a myth that automated powder coating efficiencies only work for long runs of small parts being powdered the same color.

We’ve custom-engineered our automated line so that it cost-effectively handles a wider variety of jobs than other automated powder coaters can do, regardless of run size or color. And it handles parts up to 12.5 feet long.  Click here for specifics about our automated powder coating services.

Still, automated powder coating doesn’t work for all jobs, regardless of part size. For some parts, the batch powder is the only option. Important factors include weight, thickness, complexity, and repeatability.

Will your next powder coating job work best on the automated line or as a batch powder project? Let’s take a closer look!  Click here to use our Request a Quote form to tell us more about your project goals and coating needs.  If possible, provide a photo or schematic.

Our Commitment to Quality Powder Coating Never Waivers 

Whether your powder coating project is scheduled as a batch project or handled on our automated system, you can always expect Maas Brothers to consistently deliver the powder coating you need on spec, as promised, and on time.
Maas Brothers Industrial Batch Powder Coating Collage | Livermore CA

2022 Google Review

California Precision Machining Shop

"We have been using Maas Brothers for the better part of 8 years. The quality of their powder coating work is always consistently PERFECT. We've tried multiple other powder coating companies in the area and Maas is hands down the best in Northern California. Even when they could no longer service our area with their pickup service, we still freight in our work to Maas Brothers."

Parts Up to 24 Ft

Batch Oven #1
Up to 24 feet x 8 feet x 8 feet
Batch Oven #2
Up to 13 feet by 10 feet by 10 feet

Colors & Finishes

Color Choices? Almost Limitless.
We color match, too!
Texture, Vein, Matte, Satin, Metallic, High Gloss, and more!

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Substrates We Batch Powder Coat

FAQ: Does Maas Brothers offer liquid coating services?
Yes, but most  liquid coating projects are part of larger powder coating jobs and typically involve color matching components that can’t be powder coated but are needed to complete a customer’s project
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