Industrial Batch Powder Coating Capabilities

Maas Brothers Batch Industrial Liquid Coating

A majority of the Maas Brothers Powder Coating industrial clients seek us out for our state-of-the-art conveyorized powder coating capabilities, including priming.

There are, though, powder coating projects that are more appropriately handled using the traditional batch system that we have offered since 1998, when Maas Brothers first opened in Livermore, California.

If you are wondering which powder coating option is best for your project, just ask! 

Examples where the batch powder coating system is usually the best choice include shorter runs, prototypes and custom work, like bicycles, motorcycles and hot rods.

Maas Brothers Commitment to Powder Coating Quality

Whether your powder coating project is scheduled as a batch project or a conveyorized one, you can always expect Maas Brothers to deliver the highest quality powder coating, as promised and on time.

Learn more about Maas Brothers’ powder coating capabilities and facilities here. 


Batch Liquid Coating

Liquid coating is always provided on a batch project basis.

Click here to learn more about Maas Brothers’ liquid coating expertise and facilities.

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