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Maas Brothers
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Delivering the highest quality,
as promised, and on time, since 1998

70,000+ Sq Ft Facility Accommodates High and Low Volume Powder Coating Production

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AAMA 2604 & AAMA 2605 Certified Powder Coat Applicator

Maas Brothers has provided high quality, durable and eco-friendly industrial and commercial powder coating services since 1998.
Located in Northern California’s San Francisco Bay Area, Maas Brothers provides the metal coating needs for a wide variety of industries that include architecture and architectural design, building, construction, indoor and outdoor lighting, fencing, electronics and computer, medical (antimicrobial), office furniture, outdoor furniture, automotive, decorative arts, and other custom needs. We work with metal fabricators as well as directly with industrial and commercial businesses on coating projects with high and low production, as well as prototypes for companies and entrepreneurs. 

Client Testimonials

"Maas Brothers Powder Coating is a true partner in every sense of the word. They supported us through every phase of the project: pick up, part preparation, powder coating, packaging and delivery. Maas Brothers made a real effort to understand our business and maximize their effectiveness."
Jeff Klimecki, Program Manager
Johnson Controls Inc
"I'm a 10 year customer of MAAS. There has not been a single issue this entire time. I'm a national manufacturer of a home improvement product. I have about 30 different vendors. With global shortages of materials and massive time delays, MAAS continues to be my most reliable vendor and is capable of meeting our ever changing needs, even more quickly than expected."
Andrew L.
Yelp Review
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