A Virtual Tour of Maas Brothers Powder Coating Company in the Bay Area, California

Maas Brothers is proud to be the leading industrial powder coating company in the Bay Area, California. We work hard to make sure every one of our customers receive the highest level of quality, commitment, and customer service, regardless of job size or complexity.

Whether your commercial powder coating project is processed on our automated conveyor lines or handled by our batch team, we  achieve the quality finishing results that your products deserve.

At Maas Brothers, we strive to deliver the superior powder coating solutions from start to finish – on time and exactly as promised.

Take a Tour of Our 70,000 sq. ft Automated Powder Coating Facility

We always encourage our customers to take a tour of our state-of-the-art powder coating facility. There’s no better way to find out just how clean, capable, and efficient our conveyorized systems and batch finishing processes are than to see them in action for yourself!

Of course, this virtual tour is just a small glimpse at what Maas Brothers has to offer. So feel free to reach out and schedule a personal tour for yourself. That’s the easiest way to see what sets Maas Brothers apart from other industrial powder coating shops!

Here’s what you’ll find when you take a tour of Maas Brothers Powder Coating:

Clean, Sustainable, State-of-the-Art Metal Finishing Solutions

Our facility is large, clean, and extremely well-organized. We’re highly automated with two fully automated powder coating systems. Plus, we have a dedicated team to handle steps that remain more hands-on – like part prep, loading and unloading, as well as carefully packaging each finished product.
In addition, as a full-service industrial powder coater,  we also offer batch powder for those parts that are not quite right for the automated line.
Automated Powder Coating - Maas Brothers

Our employees work hard and, more importantly, they work well as a team. Quality checks are also teamwork – carried out by every employee at every step of the process. Put simply – everyone at Maas Brothers has a hand in making sure we keep our customer promises to deliver quality products without compromise!

This is how we run our business, even when no one else is looking. If you’ve toured lots of powder coating facilities, you know this alone sets us apart.

Maas Brothers Powder Coating - Quick Color Change Booth

Investing in the Future of Our Innovative Powder Coating Services

In addition to our unbeatable team of dedicated employees, we’ve invested in state-of-the-art automated powder coating equipment – more so than any other independent industrial powder coater in our region. And we absolutely hate waste – whether it’s wasted water, materials, time, or equipment.

Focused on Flexibility and Efficiency

Whenever we invest in new equipment, we also explore fresh and unique ways to deploy our older equipment. We don’t just want to upgrade existing powder coating capabilities – we constantly look for opportunities to expand them. For example, we have installed tracks so that our two long-time booths now dedicated to white powder coating can be easily pushed on and off the line by a small team of workers in just a matter of seconds. (This coordinated effort is pretty fun to see in action!)
Legacy Powder Coating Booths Moved on Tracks - Maas Brothers

More important, we spend a lot of time understanding how to leverage our equipment to achieve the best performance and results.

All of that leads to what we consider as one of our greatest assets for customers: our flexibility to deploy project-specific process recipes – optimized for your specific products and application – which go way beyond the choice of finishing color.

Collage - Automated Powder Coating Projects - Maas Brothers

Re-Imagining Our Powder Coating Line for Maximum Flexibility

Perhaps the best example of our equipment innovations is the way that we redesigned our line when we added our quick color change booth. Rather than retiring the original powder coating booths on our automated line, we re-imagined their use.

Today, we have three sets of powder coating booths on our main automated line to offer your project the utmost in powder coating flexibility, whether you need one coat, thicker functional coating, or two-coat applications.

Custom-Engineered Two-Coat Powder Coating System

In addition to our quick color change booth, one set of our legacy booths stands ready to be deployed for two-coat needs.

To make this work, we had to reorganize our facility and invest in IR oven technology for pre-gelling between coats. The result? We can apply two coats with a single pass along our conveyor, saving our customers time and money.

Customized Inline Priming Booth Maas Brothers Powder Coating

Highly Flexible Industrial Powder Coating Services for the Bay Area and Beyond

Maas Brothers strives to remain as the most flexible commercial powder coating company in the Bay Area and beyond. We offer decades of combined experience in working with a wide range of unique industries and specialized metal finishing applications. Get in touch to talk about how we can best achieve the quality powder coating results that you need for your unique products.

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