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Superior surface preparation is critical to achieving premium powder coating adhesion and final coating results — and that often includes professional media blasting services to clean off rust and other surface contaminants before powder coating.

Maas Brothers Powder Coating is an expert in professional media blasting, a skill integral to their successful full-service industrial powder coating business. Located in San Francisco Bay Area’s Livermore Valley, Maas Brothers works with businesses of varied sizes and industries throughout Alameda County and Contra Costa County,  and beyond, including Sacramento and Los Angeles.

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Maas Brothers: Abrasive Blast Cleaning Experts since 1998

Established in 1998, Maas Brothers Powder Coating is an expert provider of media blasting services used to clean metal. Since we first opened in 1998, we’ve grown from a small powder coating shop to a large regional full-service industrial powder coating company with nearly 100 trained staff working in a 70,000+ sq ft state-of-the-art powder coating facility. 

Surface Preparation is Critical to Superior Powder Coating Results

We know first hand the importance of superior surface preparation to the final look and feel of powder-coated projects large and small — and accept nothing less. Neither should you.

To consistently achieve those top quality results for our customer projects, we deploy a triple threat when media blasting: High-quality media blasting systems, trained professional blasting technicians, and aluminum oxide blast media.

Extensive Media Blast Cleaning System Capabilities

Maas Brothers’ media blasting operations, located within its 70,000 sq ft industrial powder coating facility, include:

  • Blast Room: Large blast room that accommodates blasting products of varied shapes up to 22 feet in length
  • Cabinet Blasters: 4 large cabinet blasters
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FAQ: What Blast Media Does Maas Brothers Use?

Answer - Aluminum Oxide. Here's Why:

Maas Brothers Powder Coating uses aluminum oxide for its professional blast cleaning projects. Aluminum Oxide is an angular, durable blasting abrasive that safely does a superior blast cleaning job without damaging the underlying mater.

Media Blasting Project

Aluminum Oxide Blasting Helps Ensure Best Adhesion for Powder Coating

An engineered synthetic, aluminum oxide is the most widely used abrasive in blast finishing and surface preparation because of its cost, longevity, and hardness. Harder than most commonly used blasting materials, aluminum oxide grit powder penetrates and cuts even the hardest metals and sintered carbide.

Approximately 50% lighter than metallic media, aluminum oxide has twice as many particles per pound. The fast cutting action minimizes damage to thin materials by eliminating surface stresses caused by heavier, slower cutting media.

Better for the Environment: Aluminum oxide can be recycled many times, making it an environmentally friendly media option as well.

Understanding Terminology:
Abrasive Blasting, Media Blasting, and Sandblasting

“Abrasive blasting, more commonly known as sandblasting, is the operation of forcibly propelling a stream of abrasive material against a surface under high pressure to smooth a rough surface, roughen a smooth surface, shape a surface or remove surface contaminants. ” ~ Wikipedia

Today, “sandblasting” is most commonly used as a generic alternative to the term “media blasting” with the focus on the abrasive cleaning of a substrate without specifying the media being used in the blast cleaning process.

Historically, though, sandblasting meant something more specific: Cleaning substrates with sand, a practice increasingly out of favor in the professional media blasting industry due to safety considerations — and the many alternatives now available that achieve far superior results.

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As explained on this web page, Maas Brothers Powder Coating, experts in media blasting since 1998, DOES NOT use sand for blasting. 

Instead, we follow the blasting industry’s best practices and use aluminum oxide for our media blasting projects.

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