High-Quality Priming for Your Industrial Powder Coating Projects

Priming is a critical step in achieving durable powder coating results, particularly for metal products that will be used outside.

Maas Brothers offers both automated and manual priming services. Our integrated priming systems are streamlined to tackle both high- and low-volume industrial finishing projects, ensuring consistent high-quality coats while maximizing the long-term durability of your products.

Priming before Powder Coating to Achieve Maximum Adhesion

Our automated in-line priming and manual priming systems apply primers to a variety of substrates prior to powdering. Furthermore, our integrated priming systems are streamlined to efficiently handle both high-volume and low-volume parts runs.

As a result, we achieve optimal adhesion with every coat. This maximizes the long-term durability and weather-resistance of your industrial products while helping to ensure a defect-free finish that is both smooth and consistent.

The Advantages of Maas Brothers’ Integrated Powder Coat Priming Systems

  • Maximizes powder coat adhesion and quality.
  • Improves the corrosion resistance and weather-ability of your products.
  • Superior weather sealing.
  • Anti-outgassing on materials such as castings.
  • Optimized for both high- and low-volume production jobs.

Quality-Backed American Powder Coating Solutions Since 1998

Maas Brothers has remained one the West Coast’s premier industrial powder coating shops since 1998. Our state-of-the-art automated facility comprises 70,000 sq. ft., capable of tackling both low- and high-volume commercial finishing projects.

Located in Livermore, California, we have engineered our conveyor system to efficiently automate all of the complex steps in the powder coating process, ensuring a premium, on-spec finish with every run. Our conveyor system substantially reduces both production time and labor while minimizing errors and reject parts, saving your business money throughout production.

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