Commercial powder coating customers throughout the Bay Area and greater California region trust Maas Brothers to tackle their critical metal finishing projects. That’s because we employ some of the finest coating technicians working today along with the industry’s most innovative automated finishing technology. Moreover, our responsive hands-on approach and relentless commitment to consistency ensure that we deliver superior industrial powder coating services for every project that comes through our doors.

#1: Maas Brothers Delivers Quality Powder Coating Consistently Completed as Promised and on Time

Consistency always matters — quality, durability, color, finish, and more.

At Maas Brothers, we get it: knowing that you’ll consistently have your powder coated parts completed as promised and on time is critical to the success of your own business.

Trust in Maas Brothers Powder Coating. We plan our workflow to meet those expectations.

That starts with taking the time before we start your job to make sure we have optimized the best way to hang each jobs’ parts on the line to ensure consistency in results. Learn more about our custom fixtures strategy by clicking here.

#2: Maas Brothers Approaches Every Customer Relationship with a Strategic Partner Mindset

We consider our commercial contracts to represent strategic partnerships. We hope you feel that when you speak to Kraig or Kevin, or any of our staff, about your powder coating needs.

This commitment to customer success helps explain our low customer turnover — and why the bulk of our new industrial powder coating customers find us as a result of word-of-mouth referrals from existing customers and industry colleagues.

#3: Maas Brothers Is Backed by Decades of Metal Coating Expertise

At Maas Brothers, our team are experts in applying a wide variety of functional and decorative thermoset coatings on a vast array of metal substrates – and does so for customers representing a wide variety of industries.

For a detailed list of services, substrates, coatings, and industries Mass Brothers Powder Coating serves, click here.

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Maas Brothers is San Francisco Bay Area’s premier state-of-the-art industrial powder coater. We serve companies throughout California and beyond.

#4 Maas Brothers Offers Flexible Powder Coating Processes to Match Your Project Needs - Automated and Batch!

The majority of manufacturers, fabricators, and/or other businesses searching for a new industrial powder coating service provider are typically in the market to replace their existing powder coater provider or augment powder coating resources due to expanding needs.

Fact: Businesses rarely look to replace their powder coater when things are going perfectly. Instead, they start researching options to solve a problem that is impacting operations — quality control, workflow issues, delivery delays, cost considerations, or something else. They’re testing the waters to see if there is something better out there. And we are.

Good news: When you with Maas Brothers starting now, you won’t have to change powder coaters when your business continues to grow. Our extensive powder coating facilities and trained staff can flex to meet expanding needs.

Click here for a detailed menu of Maas Brothers powder coating and media blasting capabilities — including details about our two automated coating lines and blast powder operations, metal substrates we coat, types of coatings applied, and part size limits for our two automated lines and two batch powder ovens.

#5 Maas Brothers is Committed to Lean Manufacturing

Why stop your lean manufacturing initiatives short of the finished product?

If you’re committed to lean manufacturing, you’re not alone. Maas Brothers is already focused on lean manufacturing best practices that save money, time, energy, and materials. This includes leveraging our significant investment in state-of-the-art machinery and technological advancements such as quick color change and powder reclaim capabilities. Together we can take your lean manufacturing from start to finished product.

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Reshoring Institute Case Study:
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