Key to Powder Coating Consistency

When it comes to commercial powder coating, industrial customers are justifiably looking for an extremely high level of consistency. Today’s industrial metal finishing projects demand precision powder coating results – part after part, job after job.

At Maas Brothers Powder Coating, that starts with taking the time to create and test fixtures so that parts going through Maas Brothers Powder Coating’s automated powder coating line hang so as to guarantee consistent, high-quality coating results.


“Once we figure out the best way to hang it, it allows us to repeat the job and be consistent. If I can repeat the job day in and day out, now they can bank on getting their parts in a timely manner and consistent. They don’t have to check them as much. We build trust. And if there’s any issues with the way we’re doing it, it’s easily adjustable because they’re all hanging the same. And if we’re able to hang more parts in the minute, we can consolidate the part, produce more parts in a day – and save money and time.” ~ Kevin Maas

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Reshoring Institute Case Study:
How Maas Brothers Powder Coating Helps Meet Your Reshoring Goals

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