Masking and Plugging for Your Powder Coating Project

As a full service powder coater, Maas Brothers offers the finest in precision masking and plugging solutions as needed for the parts and assemblies we powder coat for you. Whether it’s a low-volume, short-run project or a high-volume industrial metal finishing production, precise masking and plugging is essential to ensuring your products come out with consistently high-quality coats.

Expertly Designed Masking and Plugging Solutions

At Maas Brothers Powder Coating, we use a large variety of plugging threads and studs to block every hole, cavity, and crevice that needs to remain powder free. For larger and/or uniform areas, we use a variety of high-performance masking tape including green tape, high-heat tape, and high-heat dots to cover virtually any custom masking needs.

Maas Brothers Prep Work

The Importance of Masking and Plugging in Industrial Powder Coating

Masking is performed as part of the pretreatment process before your products make their way down the powder coating line. Commercial metal finishing applications require specialized heat-resistant tape which reliably adheres to components, blocks out all powder, then peels away cleanly to streamline the post-finishing process.

Complex Parts and Assemblies Require Careful Plugging

Similar to masking tape, we use plugs to keep powder out of holes in your products where it doesn’t belong. This is especially important for threaded holes and other hardware ports, which would otherwise be clogged by powder. At Maas Brothers, we utilize a range of specialized plugs of all shapes and sizes to ensure an air-tight, powder-free seal on every component.


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